How Cardbot Works

What is Cardbot?
Cardbot lets you give with your greetings! To put it simply, we offer hand-crafted animated greetings cards for you to send to your friends and family. And even better, every purchase benefits charities and creative people with much-needed digital income and donations.

Who do my purchases support?
Cardbot exists to support charities and charitable causes, as well as the creative people who make our animated greetings. 

We work with talented independent animators, hand-selected to produce charming and funny greetings in their own style with a lot of creative freedom. We also pair them with talented independent musicians to give their animations some sweet sounds.

And our charities and causes are curated from our donations platform Work For Good, which allows us to donate to great charities across a range of causes in a simple way.

Our current charities

We rotate the charities we support from those available via the Work For Good platform. Our current list of charities you can support with Cardbot include:

Where do Cardbot cards come from?
Every Cardbot card is exclusive to Cardbot. We commission talented independent animators to hand-craft little pieces of digital creativity to send to your friends and family. Then we offer them to you via our nifty website to send to your friends and family. Simple.

How much of my purchase goes to charity?
Every time you buy a Cardbot card we support a charity and the creative people that made your greeting. And if you add a donation on top of your purchase (we hope that you do!) then all of that donation goes to your chosen charity or cause. 

Out of every purchase, 20% goes to your chosen charity, 18% goes to the card creators (including the animators and the musicians!) and the Cardbot retains 62% so that we can commission more great cards, develop the platform, and ensure we continue to support as many causes and creatives as possible. 

As with many platforms like ours, some processing fees apply. We use Stripe for payments, and make our donations through Work For Good. You can find out more about processing fees in our Cardbot T&Cs.

How do I send a Cardbot card?
It’s really easy. You choose a card, choose a charity to support, and choose someone special to send it to. Once purchased, you’ll get a link to the digital card which you can copy and share directly with your chosen recipient in the method of your choice. 

Can my charity benefit from Cardbot?
Yes! We rotate our selection of active charities on the Cardbot platform and yours could be one of them! 

Currently, all of our charities have to be signed up to Work For Good, which is a free way for charities to gain new donations from businesses. Once you’re on there, we can talk about featuring you on the site and our social channels.

As we grow, we are aiming to work with charities in new and exciting ways, so if you are a charity and are interested in Cardbot, please get in touch.

Can I make a Cardbot card?
If you are an independent animator or musician... yes! We currently work with stop motion animators who hand craft our beautiful greetings in collaboration with a group of talented musicians to provide the score. If you would like to enquire about making an animated greeting for Cardbot, please get in touch.

How did Cardbot start?
Both charities and creative people were hit hard in 2020, so we wanted to create a new way for them to generate digital income and receive donations online. That’s where the idea for Cardbot came from! After winning UKRI funding to develop this concept we built the platform and set about commissioning independent animators and musicians to bring you the greetings we offer through Cardbot